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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Impact Classes...

I used to be an education major so obviously I took a lot of education classes during my time at Westminster. One of the most beneficial classes I took was Education Psychology (Ed Psych). In this class we learned many teaching methods. Also, we were taught how to make a teacher’s classroom atmosphere a better place for students to learn. There were many theories and ideas we studied in this class. Even though it may not help me much in the broadcast world, I still think it was a good class to take. Teaching is something that I can see in my future. Those skills will stay with me throughout my life and could come in handy.

I would have to say the broadcasting class that had the biggest impact on me would be Broadcast Writing. I’ve always been interested in writing, and that class forced me to develop writing skills I’ll need in the broadcast world. I feel like I can do any kind of writing in any broadcast setting because of that class. I gained valuable experience writing news scripts and other assignments. But the general ideas we learned in the class (immediacy, shorter sentences, etc) have improved my overall writing skills. I feel like I’m a good writing, and this class helped me to become one.


  • Writing is certainly transferable to whatever you do...print, broadcast, new media...having good writing skills will always serve you.

    By Blogger Brad Weaver, BC Instructor, at 6:10 AM  

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