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Monday, October 30, 2006

PAC Media Day!

Last week was PAC Media Day for the upcoming basketball season. Media day is always exciting. Basically all the coaches for both the men's and women's teams come together in Pittsburgh and talk about there teams. The event was held at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh. I went down Wednesday morning. Clearly Westminster was the most represented school as far as media was concerned. Mr. Weaver made the Broadcast Journalism students (a class I took last year) come down and see what media day is all about, which I thought was an excellent idea. There's a lot of people in the broadcast major that aren't interested in sports, which is fine. But I think it was great experience for all of those students to experience a sports media conference. They were all required to interview at least one coach and write a news story too. Kudos to Mr. Weaver for making this a requirement for the BC 311 class. I think it benefited all the students who attended.

Honestly, I didn't really need to be there. It wasn't required for a class and I won't be announcing many of the basketball games this year, but I think it was still important for me to go. I'd like to pursue a career in sports information, and I need to be at events such as PAC Media Day to gain contacts and meet new people. I always learn a lot when I go to PAC Media Day's. Joe Onderko does a wonderful job putting the conference together and this year was no exception. Joe is a great person to know as far as contacts are concerned. I have a good relationship with Joe and I respect him a great deal. He has done so much for the PAC conference. He has helped make it one of the elite conferences in Division III athletics. Many of the coaches at Media Day acknowledged Joe for his efforts. Because there might not be a PAC Media Day if it wasn't for Joe...


  • So what do you think? Should I make it an annual event to have BC 311 cover PAC Media Day? I wish I could make them come in late summer to do football.

    By Blogger Brad Weaver, BC Instructor, at 4:05 PM  

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